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3c Distribution - The Leading Exporter

Welcome to 3c Distribution where we are one of the leading exporter of Agricultural products, Foods, Energy Drinks , Soft Drinks ,Beer, Wines, and confectioneries of different assortment . Created with the aim of meeting domestic needs for Agriculture, Food & Beverage-products ,but with the need for growing markets, We became famous in the field of extensions of its products to suit the ever pressing needs and demand and to meet the desire of international market and competition. This explains why we went into establishments with foreign partners and sooner became renowned in the field of supplying to meet the pressures of buyers world wide. With full recognition from the Chamber of Commerce, stands as a reliable supplier with reputable references for over so many years into international trade.

We have a remarkable network of high level sources throughout the world, allowing us to offer our clients the highest standard of quality products. We actively manage and build our portfolio of high quality commodities and services.

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Our Vision

Our pursuit to provide quality services and prompt facilities are guided by the values of professionalism, honesty and efficiency. This has earned us our success and strong position in the competitive international arena. Our key asset is our long term commitment and personal bond with our reputed global clients. we keep a constant watch on the trends and price-sensitive developments in the market. Our expertise in the business guides us in distilling and processing relevant information that we instantly share with our clients. As a result, our clients are in a position to make quick, informed and strategic decisions and can take advantage of business trends.

Why Us ?

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At 3c Distribution , we are focused on providing best and quality products with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.



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  • Chateau Beaumont


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