Enfamil O-Lac Powder Formula 400g – 6 Pack

Enfamil AR Powder Formula has been specially formulated to help reduce spit-up. It can be a worrying time for parents when their baby is regularly spitting up, but Enfamil AR Powder Formula has been clinically proven to reduce spit-up by 50%, so parents can be confident that their baby is getting all the nutrition they need to reach their key milestones.

Enfamil AR Powder Formula helps to reduce spit-up as it has a thicker consistency than most baby formulas, meaning that babies can get, and keep, the nutrition they need to grow and develop.

Enfamil AR Powder Formula is the number 1 brand of formula for spit-up and contains expert recommended levels of DHA and ARA to support baby’s brain and eye development.

Enfamil O-Lac Powder Formula is the lactose-free (milk sugar1) cow’s milk with a full nutritionally complete winning formula for your baby. It is specifically for babies that suffer from colic, bloating and diarrhoea through the consumption of lactose. Enfamil O-Lac is packed full of protein, as well as tasting and appearing the same as regular milk.